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Lorikeet plays with ball in a bucket

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Man says he found snaggletoothed rat's head in his chilli

A diner at a Golden Corral in Florida says he received an unwelcome surprise in his chilli. Billy Wilson, says he frequents the Golden Corral for their healthy options and friendly staff. He said, "It's usually pretty great. I go maybe once a week." However, after a strange discovery in his chilli, Wilson says he will never go back. "The first bite I took out of it was a crunch, and at the time I was like, maybe you know, sometimes you get a hard bean inside of the chilli," said Wilson.

This time, the crunch was something else. Wilson says he immediately spat out a grey rodent, which he thinks is a rat's head with curly ears and a snaggle tooth. "When I saw it, I just went into the bathroom and threw up. I was like, ugh, I just couldn't get the tase out of my mouth," said Wilson. He added, "It was just nasty." Unsure of what to do next, Wilson says that's when his friends called the waitress. He says she called the manager, who immediately addressed the complaint. "He inspected and was like wow, that is a rat. So, he took pictures of it, moved it around a little bit, took pictures in different angles. He was like me, he was horrified," said Wilson.

The restaurant refused payment for his party's meal, but the next day he felt queasy and went to the emergency room at Cape Coral Hospital. He said, "I brought the rat up to the ER and they were all horrified, they couldn't believe it." Discharge documents show that Wilson was treated for Gastroenteritis and was prescribed medications for nausea and muscle spasms. When asked if he planted the rat's head in the chili, Wilson said, "I would never do that. They have cameras in there and everything. I'm scared of rats." In a statement, the restaurant says it is looking into the matter and has been unable to confirm the alleged incident.

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They say, it's committed to delivering a high quality experience in a clean and safe environment. Ray Racila, Wilson's attorney, isn't buying the restaurant's response. He says taking the case was easy. "Normally you get cases like this, people take food somewhere else, open it up, and something happens. This happened right in the restaurant where there's no question what happened. The manager is right there," said Racila. Wilson is left wondering what else was in his chilli before he says he chomped on a head. "Whose to say that first bite wasn't his foot?" asked Wilson.

Man arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting haunted house patrons

Authorities in Wisconsin have charged a man they say sexually assaulted patrons inside a Mount Pleasant haunted house. Police say 52-year-old Daniel L. Rosmann of Kenosha inappropriately touched several people on Sunday inside the Abandoned Haunted House Complex, leading to three charges of fourth-degree sexual assault.

According to a criminal complaint, a woman reported someone approached her from behind and grabbed her buttocks while she was in the haunted house on East Frontage Road. A man also reported to police that someone grabbed him from behind and “began to hump him aggressively” for about 10 seconds. Another man told police someone grabbed his head, forcibly pushed it into the perpetrator’s crotch and “began to hump his head while holding it down,” according to the complaint.

All three later identified Rosmann, who security personnel had in custody, as the person who committed the acts, according to the complaint. The Abandoned Haunted House had reportedly received numerous complaints from people saying they were inappropriately touched by a male. When Rosmann exited the facility, he was detained by security after the victims identified him as the male in question, police said.

In addition to the sexual assault charges, Rosmann also was charged with lewd and lascivious behaviour and disorderly conduct. Each sexual assault charge and the lewd and lascivious behaviour charge carry a maximum sentence of nine months in jail and a $10,000 fine. He faces up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine for the disorderly conduct charge. Rosmann made his initial court appearance on Monday. A pretrial conference is scheduled for Dec. 4.

Police seek cat burglar caught on camera

Police officers in Laredo, Texas are searching for a cat burglar of sorts.

Surveillance video captured a man walk onto a man's front law and steal his giant inflatable Halloween cat.

The homeowner called police after waking up to find the ornament missing.

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He checked his security camera footage which caught the entire crime on video. Police are now looking for the cat burglar who was seen leaving the scene in a white SUV.

Man who contacted local newspaper about sign he'd found surprised it became headline news

A New Zealand man is looking for the owner of a sign he believes has gone walk-about from a city business. The large black framed sign appeared at the end of Bevan Billing's driveway in Massey St, Palmerston North on Saturday night. Mr Billing said he had walked outside about 11.15pm to have a cigarette when he noticed the new arrival.

Not wanting it to be taken again, damaged or used to cause damage, he carried into his home, where it remains waiting to be claimed by its rightful owner. Massey St was commonly used as a thoroughfare for people walking home from town, and he believed it had been picked up and later ditched outside his house. The sign is similar to those often seen outside cafes, measures 850cm tall and 950cm wide, is covered with canvas and screen printed with a brand.

Mr Billing has contacted both the police and the Palmerston North District Council about the sign, and said he had been told by the council to put it back on the street to be picked up by a council truck. He was concerned however, it would be taken again before it could get that far. The sign is undamaged and the rightful owner should know what brand it displays and have proof of purchase.

The Manawatu Standard also published Mr Billing's home phone number so that the sign's owner could contact him. In the comment's of the online article, Mr Billing said: "Well I was not expecting this!! I only contacted the Manawatu Standard today to see if they might know who it might belong to. Thought at best they would maybe place a little ad in the lost and found section of the paper. Did not think it would be a headliner."

Leading runners led astray during half marathon forced to beg for money to get train back

Former Asian medalists Suresh Kumar Patel, Inderjit Patel and Soji Mathew got the shock of their lives on Sunday while leading in the Bengaluru half marathon in Karnataka, India, when the pilot vehicle reportedly missed a U-turn, leading to the trio being forced to abandon the race. Suresh, who finished sixth in the recent Asian Games, and Soji, a former Asian cross-country champion, finally had to beg morning joggers for Rs 20 to enable them to hop on to the metro from the Indiranagar station and return to MG Road.

"There were no officials on the road where we supposed to take a U-turn (at 16km). We were following the pilot vehicle and we had covered around 20 kilometres in one hour as we were going at a pace of 2 minutes, 59 seconds per kilometre. We were hoping to finish soon when the officials asked us to turn back. At that point there was no point in continuing the race and we decided to stop," Inderjit Patel said. "Last Sunday I won the Delhi CRPF half marathon in 1 hour, 11 minutes braving hot conditions.

"I was hoping to do under 1:03 minutes. I'm not bothered about missing the prize money but it is disappointing that we had to suffer this humiliation," Patel said. Soji, a former champion in Asian cross country, was dejected that he couldn't climb the podium. "Suresh Kumar, who came 6th in Incheon in 10,000m, was in the lead and I was trailing by some 50m with Inderjit behind me. We came down the flyover (Domlur) and were going further along when a few officials came and told us to turn back. Suresh and I stopped there. We had to beg for twenty rupees as we didn't have any money with us.

"Luckily, some morning joggers helped us and also guided us to the nearest metro station," said Soji Mathew. Soji said immediately after Inderjit also stopped the race realizing the goof-up. "Probably after the 15km mark we had doubts whether the route was correct as we saw only the full marathon hoardings. But then we were following the lead vehicle and at least nine of the runners lost their way," he added. Third place winner BC Tilak also admitted that he went wrong at one place. "I ran at least 1 km extra," he said. An official with the Elite athletes said the organizers admitted their mistake.

Man is first to be convicted in Britain of possessing illegal images of cartoon children

An animation fan has made legal history as he was convicted of having illegal pictures of cartoon children. Robul Hoque, 39, is believed to be the first in the UK hauled before court over his collection of Japanese Manga or Anime-style images alone. He admitted 10 counts of possessing prohibited images of children at Teesside Crown Court. His barrister Richard Bennett said: “These are not what would be termed as paedophilic images. These are cartoons.” And Mr Bennett revealed that such banned images were freely available on legitimate sites. He said: “This case should serve as a warning to every Manga and Anime fan to be careful. It seems there are many thousands of people in this country, if they are less then careful, who may find themselves in that position too.” Police found the images when they seized Hoque’s computer from his home on June 13, 2012, said prosecutor Harry Hadfield. He said officers found 288 still and 99 moving images, but none were of real people.

They were classified as prohibited images as they depicted young girls, some in school uniforms, some exposing themselves or taking part in sexual activity. He added: “The expert was able to see that the defendant had been actively searching for this material on the internet.” Hoque, of South Bank, Middlesbrough, had denied 20 charges of possessing prohibited images of children and was due to stand trial this week. But he pleaded guilty to 10 specimen charges. The other 10 were left to lie on the court file. He denied a separate charge of failing to notify police of a string of online usernames, but he was cleared of this as prosecutors offered no evidence. Six years ago he was prosecuted for having “Tomb Raider-style” computer-generated pictures of fictional children. They were so realistic, a jury convicted him on six counts of making “indecent pseudo-photographs” of children, which he had denied. That too was the first case of its kind in the country.

A judge told him he “crossed the line as to what is illegal” and those pictures could be “a door into a very murky and distasteful world”. He was given a community order and completed a sex offender treatment programme after the 2008 conviction. The former student and office worker had hundreds of “Manga Japanese style” pictures at that time, but they were not made illegal until 2010. Mr Bennett said: “On two occasions now he’s been a test case. This is a test case because he’s the only person as far as I’m aware who has appeared for possession singly of these sorts of images.” He said Hoque helped many people in the Middlesbrough community and many spoke very highly of him. Hoque has had the case hanging over him for more than two years and he had been physically attacked since the allegations were publicised, he said. And he pointed to some of the pictures which were available on legal sites. He added: “It’s clear that that material is available on a legitimate website in this country. There’s no indication at all on the web page that these would fall foul of any legislation in a particular country.”

Hoque, who lived with and cared for his mother, had hoped to set up his own business. Judge Tony Briggs said the pictures were manufactured, stylised, and “repulsive” to varying degrees. He said: “They are clearly all images designed to make people think they are of children. They are fictitious images in the sense that in no part of them does any real person appear. It is important to emphasise that there were no actual children or perpetrators involved. I have to tell you that if there had been, an immediate prison sentence measured in years might have been appropriate. You are an intelligent man. You certainly should have been aware of the risk of indulging in accessing this material, and you acknowledge your foolishness and guilt.” He added: “This is material that clearly society and the public can well do without. Its danger is that it obviously portrays sexual activity with children, and the more it’s portrayed, the more the ill-disposed may think it’s acceptable.” He gave Hoque a nine-month prison sentence suspended for two years. He said anything that encouraged child abuse, including word of mouth, drawings or artistic impressions, was to be “actively discouraged”.

Blind darts team prepares for inaugural match

Cornwall's first blind darts team is preparing for its inaugural game. The four wholly visually impaired teammates will make their first appearance at the Dolphin Inn in Grampound on Thursday. Richard Pryor, who lost his sight 40 years ago, said the idea was mooted after a few pints at the pub, where the group of friends, called the Optimists, meet monthly.

Mr Pryor, 68, said: "While we were down the pub the other day, Joe, the landlord, mentioned that Rotary had organised for pubs to take part in the a Fast Darts competition. He asked if we wanted to put in a blind darts team. After three pints I am up for anything and we said yes." The team will be aided by a piece of string attached to the bull's eye which they will use with one hand as a tactile means to establish their aim. After "quite a lot of practice" and help from Joe's son, the Darting Optimists are preparing to make a throw.

Mr Pryor, a social worker, added: "No one has been injured yet, although there has been quite a bit of damage to the door and around the board. I think it's a great idea and it's quite exciting. We're always up for something that's a bit different. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's the end of the world. I have been blind for 40 years and I have had a superb time, I wouldn't swap it for anything. However, on the night people might want to stand back a little bit as I don't think we get any points for hitting the spectators."

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Terri Rosnau-Ward, chief executive of the Cornwall Blind Association, said the county has blind shooting and bowls, but she has never come across a visually impaired darts team. "With the right bit of support there's nothing you cannot do," she added. "It might take you slightly longer but we can usually achieve the same things as sighted people." Fast Darts starts at 8pm and has been organised by the St Austell Bay Rotary Club to raise money for the Merlin MS Centre and the other good causes it supports. Landlord Joe Fryer said it will be about having fun and raising money, although the door to the room where the competition takes place will be closed "just in case" a dart strays off course.

Woman freed from olive oil tin by firefighters

Firefighters in Rotherham, south Yorkshire, had to free a woman from a tin of olive oil after her hand became stuck.

The woman, from Braithwell, put her fingers into an industrial sized tin of olive oil to remove part of a pump which had fallen in.

But her hand ended up stuck inside, leaving her having to contact firefighters for help. Armed with metal cutters and pliers firefighters from Maltby station managed to free the woman.

Watch Manager Adam Bramall said: “Rescuing someone from a tin of olive oil is certainly a first for us. It’s just another example of the unusual incidents we come across on a day to day basis.”

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Bath time

Extremely well trained protection dog

Canine Protection International trainer John Hadley demonstrates naked protection dog training to client Tom Stangle.

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You can see the video without the caption here.

Missing rafter found sleeping in garbage can

Officials looking for a man who disappeared on a rafting trip across the Long Island Sound say they found him sleeping in a garbage can in Connecticut.

The man, 33-year-old William Brandon McCreery, disappeared after heading on a rafting trip from Greenport, New York, on Wednesday at about 5 pm, officials say.

McCreery called a friend at about 7pm, indicating that there was a problem. Police and members of the Coast Guard say they started searching for McCreery after receiving reports about boaters knocking on doors in Clinton, Connecticut, seeking help.

Officials found McCreery later on Thursday sleeping in a garbage can in Clinton. It's not clear if he was suffering from hypothermia. Clinton and Greenport are separated by about 16 miles of water.

Firefighters used liquid soap to rescue woman from chimney of man she'd briefly dated

Crews rescued a woman on Sunday who was trapped in a chimney for several hours overnight. According to the Ventury County Fire Department, firefighters had to slowly chip away at the bricks in order to remove the woman from a chimney in Thousand Oaks, California.

Neighbours heard the woman screaming and called officials at around 6:00am. She had reportedly been trapped since 3:00am. Firefighters said they also used liquid dish soap to make it easier to remove the woman. Family members of the trapped woman reported that she had briefly dated the a man who owned the residence.

Crews pulled the woman out of the chimney at around 8:13am. Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, 30, has been identified as the woman. The homeowner’s chimney is now gone. The homeowner’s name is Lawrence and didn’t want his last name used. Robert Fisher, a neighbour, was one of the residents who called 911 after hearing the early-morning screams.

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“We couldn’t believe it,” Fisher said. “This woman was definitely in distress,” Fisher added. “But no one knew where the voice was coming from.” The stuck woman’s family says she is a good person and have offered to pay for Lawrence’s chimney repair. Nunez-Figueroa faces charges of illegal entry into a residence.

Police helped boy with homework after responding to call about suspected burglar

An 11-year-old boy in Stockholm, Sweden, ended up getting help with his homework by the police after he rang them up saying he was concerned a burglar was breaking into his house.

The boy was home alone at night when he heard a loud thump and became convinced that a thief was trying to get inside. He quickly got on the phone to the local police who were dispatched to the scene.

After a quick check it turned out that there was no burglar but the boy was still upset and had another problem - his maths homework. "He had called his mother also but he was on his own when the police got there.

"They didn't want to leave him alone so they sat down and helped him with his multiplication tables and other homework," Viktor Adolphson of the Södermalm police said. He said the boy was right to alert them in the first place. "Even though it wasn't a thief it was a good thing to do," Adolphson added.

Mystery clown is scaring children by lurking silently in streets and shops and stroking people

A mystery clown is scaring children in Portsmouth, Hampshire, by lurking silently in streets and shops and stroking people. Residents have told how the clown, wearing a scary mask and a suit, stands in streets in the town and does not speak.

The clown is said to have entered Stage Door dancewear shop and stood still without saying anything. Shop assistant Karen Wilcock said it was inappropriate.

"Luckily no children were in the shop at the time, but he could freak people out. In this day and age we don't need this sort of thing." Andrea Hutchison from Preloved Portsmouth said the clown did the same at her shop.

"My daughter who's 22 hates clowns and would have had a full on hysteric if she'd seen him," she said. She said the clown was a 15-year-old schoolboy and a regular customer, but she did not know why he was dressing up. Police said they had received no criminal complaints and were not taking action.

Racehorse shot dead after it was hit by Frenchman who drove like a grandmother

A Frenchman, with a reputation for driving 'like a grandmother', has been fined £500 after his careless driving resulted in the death of a £25,000 racehorse. Bristol Crown Court heard that engineering manager Rodolphe Lafargue drove his company BMW near Upton Cheney in south Gloucestershire following the closure of a main road. Lafargue claimed to be driving at 30mph, but the court was told that when he saw six-year-old racehorse Grand Lad being ridden towards him, Lafargue braked, slid on mud and caused the horse to rear and throw its rider.

The £25,500 horse suffered a broken leg and bolted some 800m down the lane where, about an hour later, a huntsman shot it. Lafargue, 31 of London, denied dangerous driving but pleaded guilty to careless driving on March 24. The Recorder of Bristol His Honour Judge Neil Ford QC fined him, told him to pay a £50 victim surcharge and endorsed his driving licence with four penalty points. The judge told him: "You were driving appropriately on this lane but failed to notice a change in road conditions, which was a muddy, wet area of road. You were not in a hurry. You stayed at the scene and offered assistance to the rider. You were very shaken, yourself, by the incident."

James Bromige, prosecuting, said owner and trainer Jack Cann was exercising Grand Lad on Marshfield Road towards Upton Cheney. Mr Cann was not wearing high-visibility clothes, the weather was dry and fine but the lane was muddy and wet in patches, the court heard. Mr Bromige said: "Mr Cann saw the defendant's BMW 150m away. He didn't hear the car because of the trot of the horse. He thought it was travelling a bit quick. He said the car started to weave." The court heard Mr Cann tried to get the horse as close to the side of the lane as possible, and kept it moving forwards to try not to spook it. It was the Crown's case that the BMW hit the horse, which reared up and threw the rider before landing and breaking its right hind leg and bolting.

Mr Cann and others tried to comfort the stricken animal as it lay in a hedge. However, the horse was shot dead. Jonathan Coode, defending, said his client was returning to his office after a meeting and was not tired. Mr Coode said: "He came to be on Marshfield Lane because of the closure of the main road. There was a diversion in place. He used his Sat Nav and he goes down this lane for two to three miles. He has been described by others as driving like a grandmother. He was going at 30mph on the straight, he slowed for the bend and unfortunately there was no sign saying 'mud on the road' and his culpability was he failed to notice the mud. It was only the mud that caused the car to slide, some metres."

Urine and yogurt attack on police Hawkeye CCTV van not caught on camera

A man is said to have urinated on a police CCTV van before letting the tyres down and splattering the windows with yoghurt - but it was not caught on camera.

Witnesses watched in shock as the man allegedly trashed the Hawkeye mobile unit, which was parked in Ashford, Kent. Discarded tubs of Onken yoghurt were left strewn around the van and the windows were splattered.

A spokesman for Kent Police said: “Kent Police was called just before 9am on Saturday morning about a man who had been seen by witnesses allegedly urinating on the Hawkeye van.

“He had also let the tyres down and thrown yoghurt over it. We don’t have the damage on CCTV – it was reported to us by eye witnesses." A 30-year-old man, from Ashford, was arrested on suspicion of vehicle interference and has been released on bail until November 18.