Monday, April 27, 2015

The cat as a hat

Dog entertains self with a piece of rope

Just hanging around.

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Little fella is amused by dandelions

Tom Fletcher, guitarist in the band McFly, introduces his young son Buzz to the joys of dandelions.

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Hit and run suspect crawled into hole and covered herself in dirt after striking 5-year-old

Police in Washougal, Washington, have arrested a woman they say hit a 5-year-old then tried to flee the scene. Police said they found 36-year-old Marsha Santoro hiding in a shallow hole where she had tried to cover herself with dirt.

At around 6pm on Friday, police said Santoro was driving when a child riding a Big Wheel rolled out of a driveway and Santoro hit the child.

Witnesses told officers Santoro attempted to drive away, but when that didn't work she got out of her Ford F-150 pickup and walked off, according to police. Police said a K-9 unit tracked Santoro to the hole that she was hiding in. When officers gave Santoro a warning, she surrendered, according to police.

Santoro was booked into Clark County Jail and faces charges for felony hit-and-run, third-degree driving with a suspended licence and an unrelated misdemeanor warrant. Police said they don't think alcohol or drugs played a part in the hit-and-run. Santoro's arraignment is set for Monday at 9am.

Devout Christian horrified after being assigned ‘satanic’ 666 car licence plate

A woman from Berkeley in California loves her new car, but has a big problem with her new randomly generated licence plates ending in 666.

“I could not believe it,” said Bobbie Larkins, a devout Christian. “It sent a chill through my entire body.” She was so shocked that she drove with the plates inside her car to request new ones at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

“666 is symbolic of the devil or the anti-Christ,” Larkins said. “You know, it’s a satanic number.” A replacement would cost $20, but the DMV later agreed to waive the fee for Larkins.

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The DMV say that it gets more complaints about 666 than any other random alphabetic-numeric combination. Still, the DMV says it has no intention of taking 666 out of random circulation.

Teenager missing for four days was hiding at school eating fruit from trees

A missing 17-year-old Northern California boy, who was found on Thursday, picked fruit from trees at a high school and drank any water source he could find to survive, police said.

Connor Sullivan eluded more than 200 volunteers who searched for days as he hid on the Monta Vista High School campus in Cupertino, where he was last seen at 10am Monday, said Sgt. James Jensen of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. He slept under the school bleachers, ate from fruit trees on and around the campus, used the portable toilets and drank from fountains and faucets.

That went on for days as volunteers searched the campus and nearby neighbourhoods until 9 pm on Thursday, when he finally decided to go home. “He did not want to be found,” Jensen said. It is unclear why he ran away, but sheriff’s officials said they believed he was missing.

Deputies didn’t think he was hurt, but they deemed his departure suspicious because he had never run away before. Sheriff’s officials have looked into whether they could seek restitution from the boy’s family for the search efforts but couldn’t find any laws to support it, Jensen said.

Search for woman who stole at least seven boxes of computer components in floral dress

A woman in a floral dress walked into a Radio Shack in Weston, Florida, slipped several computer parts under her dress and walked out. The Feb. 26 theft was caught on surveillance video. It took a store employee several hours to notice that a large section of shelving was empty.

Broward Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Dani Moschella said a man acted as a lookout while the woman placed at least seven computer components under her dress. It appeared that there was a bag hidden under the fabric of her dress. "Clearly she's done this before," added Moschella. "She puts them in there quickly and she's gone."

According to Radio Shack employees the female suspect was wondering around the store until she reached one particular aisle and found the more valuable items on the shelf. "The man hands the woman a pretty sizable box containing a computer component," Moschella said. On the surveillance video, the woman is seen placing at least seven boxes inside her dress, with her male accomplice by her side.

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"Detectives believe she must of had a bag or something set up," Moschella said. At one moment in the video, the woman is seen adjusting her dress to make room for the loot. Authorities say they were in and out in minutes. "The images are super clear. Anyone who knows this couple can see this video and you're gonna know who they are," Moschella said. The thieves got away with $1,140 worth of merchandise.

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Russian women jailed for ‘inappropriate’ twerking next to war memorial

Three young women in southern Russia will serve up to 15 days in prison, on charges of hooliganism, after posting a video of themselves twerking with a WWII memorial looming in the background. Two more of the six women in the video had their punishments reduced to a fine, for health reasons.

One of the dancers was under 16, and avoided punishment, which was transferred to her mother, who was reprimanded for failing to “carry out measures to ensure the proper physical, intellectual, psychological, spiritual and moral development of the child," a court in the city of Novorossiysk ruled on Saturday. After the video first surfaced earlier this week, it was brought to the attention of the mayor of Novorossiysk, where the women reside, who was “outraged” and personally charged officials with identifying the names of the performers, who posted the video to bring new recruits to their modern dance school.

“We condemn these women. Every inch of this land is covered in blood. It is inappropriate,” said Viktoriya Dikaya, the press secretary for the city’s education department. Prosecutors in Novorossiysk said they are conducting sweeping checks at the institutions were the twerkers, who were all under 30, are enrolled, to make sure they are in compliance with “programs aimed at ensuring respect for the law among their members.” The Malaya Zemlya memorial, completed in 1982, which is seen behind the twerkers, commemorates a battle to free Novorossiysk from German occupation in 1943.

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There appears to be a new-found intolerance for twerking among Russian officials, despite the dance being taught to thousands of youths throughout the country. A suggestive twerking video performed by teenagers in front of their parents in Orenburg earlier this month, led to a federal investigation for “lewdness,” with the Russia’s children’s ombudsman calling the choreographers “swine.” City officials soon officially shut the dance school that put together the routine. In one notable difference with the current case, most of the twerkers in Orenburg were underage. Parallels have been drawn with the Soviet era, when the authorities disapproved of boogie-woogie, the foxtrot and other “ideologically alien” dances.

Couple unhappy about letter from HMRC saying husband was dead and may owe tax

Debbie Moore was surprised when she received a letter from the Government chasing up tax from her 'dead' husband, despite him still being alive. Now the couple are demanding an apology from HM Revenue & Customs, the department behind the correspondence. Officials had written to "the representative" of Peter Moore, sympathising during "this difficult time". The letter then stated officials needed to ensure the 47-year-old had paid the correct amount of tax before he passed away. However Peter, of Fenton in Stoke-on-Trent, returned home while his wife was reading about his recent demise.

Debbie said: "It's really not nice getting a letter from HMRC, especially when what they're saying hasn't really happened. I was gobsmacked." Peter added: "I don't know how that kind of mistake could have been made." Mr Moore immediately phoned HMRC demanding an explanation only to be told it was 'a mistake.' He said: "I used to work away in the week so if that would have happened my wife could have really started to worry. It was addressed to the representative of Peter Wiliam John Moore, which is my full name, and it included my national insurance number so I knew it referred to me. It apologised for a recent bereavement and went on about some tax I paid before my death.

"My dad's name was Peter Moore but he died 32 years ago so I didn't think it would be anything to do with him. My wife opened the letter when I was out of the house, fortunately I came back home about five minutes after she read it so she knew it was a mistake but that might not have always been the case. I rang the tax people and the lady on the other end said she couldn't believe it." The letter states: "I am sorry to hear about your recent bereavement and recognise that this is a difficult time for you. When someone dies, I need to work out if they paid the right amount of tax before their death. In many cases, HMRC repays tax to the estate. I need to know details of the person responsible for finalising their affairs."

Mr Moore added: "I was just really shocked, it's just all a bit strange." Mr Moore is concerned how some may respond to the letter. He added: "If a letter like this was sent to an older person or the relative of someone who was really ill it could have caused them some distress. It never should have happened." His wife Debbie had opened the letter after returning home from work. She said: "I just did what I usually did, I picked up the letters and sat down to open them. When I read it I thought it was a scam or some sort of joke. I showed it to Pete when he came in and he got straight on the phone to the tax office." A spokesman for HMRC said: "We don't talk about individual cases but when we make mistakes we aim to put them right fast and apologise."

Four-year-old boy's Nerf gun confiscated by airport security staff

Four-year-old James Hayward had his orange and yellow toy Nerf gun confiscated by "over-zealous" security staff at East Midlands Airport. His dad Phil Hayward said the following body search was "ludicrous" and that security staff should loosen up.

The £6 plastic "weapon", described as a "semi-automatic soft dart gun" by its manufacturers, was taken while the family, of Doncaster, were en route to Lanzarote in Spain. The youngster was also patted down by security staff as his toy was taken from him. But East Midlands Airport, which offered to post the "gun" back to the family's home, defended the decision to uphold security.

Mr Hayward, 44, said: "Fair enough they are thorough but it just seemed a bit ludicrous to take a plastic gun away from a four-year-old. I thought it was a bit over-zealous considering how many people were trying to get through security at the time. It came at the end of an hour and a half queuing, so we didn't cause too much fuss because we didn't want to miss our flight."

East Midlands Airport apologised for the inconvenience. A spokeswoman said: "The safety and security of our passengers is our first priority and all regulations on security are set by the government. This regulation states that no items may be permitted through security that resemble a prohibited item."

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Dog fends off vicious lamb attack

In a rather nonchalant fashion.

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Here's a baby opossum eating a blueberry

I think it was enjoying that.

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Crane, cargo container and flatbed truck needed to move 1,000 lb plus man to new nursing home

A man weighing more than 1,000 lbs (450 kg, 71.5 stones) was placed inside a cargo container, then lifted by a crane, before being loaded onto a flatbed truck and taken from Providence in Rhode Island to his new home in Cranston last Sunday .

Brian Butler had been living at the Bannister House in Providence but earlier this month it was announced the nursing home with $2 million in debt was closing down. All patients including Butler would need to be moved to other facilities.

Michael Raia of the Rhode Island Executive Office of Health & Human Services said planning to move Butler to the Eleanor Slater Hospital began weeks ago. “This is a patient with very complicated medical needs and it required a coordinated approach,” Raia said.

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“His [Butler] care and safety has been our top priority throughout this transport.” The coalition to move Butler to his new home included Providence and Cranston Fire Departments, Lifespan, the Hospital Association of Rhode Island and Bay Crane Northeast. The whole operation to get Butler from Bannister House to Eleanor Slater Hospital took nearly seven hours.

With additional news video.

Cars smashed by mysterious heavy object

A mystery is unravelling along Interstate 285 in DeKalb County, Georgia, after a heavy object smashed into three cars near Spaghetti Junction on Friday. The drivers said it took them a few seconds to realise they had even survived the wreck. That's just how stunned they were. Luckily they are all alive, but they still do not know what happened.

Motorist Johnathon McIntyre said he never expected this. "As soon as I looked over, I saw something fly up," he said. "It was coming right for me." What "it" was is still unclear. "Honestly, I don't know. It was about the size of a skateboard. It was pretty big," McIntyre said. "I heard the impact and felt the glass fly all over me. And I looked over, because apparently I made it through it."

Two other cars were also hit by the mysterious object – including one driven by Karen Ellis, visiting metro Atlanta from San Diego. "I see what looks like a three-foot boulder come flying at my car," Ellis said. The undercarriage of her car was damaged, but still drivable. McIntyre's car, which he had only recently bought, was a total loss.

Thankfully, he is still alive to tell the story. "I got out to look at his and I couldn't believe it," Ellis said. "I was amazed he was alive." McIntyre and Ellis said the third vehicle was struck in the tyres, and that it was towed away. As far as what the mystery object was? There was no way to find out – it had disappeared as rapidly as it struck.

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Naked man arrested for attempting to carjack motorist who offered him clothes

A man was arrested in Florida on Tuesday afternoon after he was accused of trying to steal a car while naked from a man who offered him clothes.

At 3:25pm, 32-year-old Ganzo Keith Haynes was completely naked and ambling along Southwest 40th Avenue in Gainesville when he came upon a man beside a vehicle who offered him a chance to cover up.

The man told police officers he reached into his car for some clothing and Haynes grabbed his neck and began to choke him, according to a jail booking report. Haynes told the man to get on the ground and hand over the keys to the car, according to the report. Haynes’ grip eventually forced the man down, and then he told him he no longer wanted the keys.

Haynes then ran away, and GPD officers eventually caught up with him. He told them he was naked because he had been drinking and that he grabbed the man in an attempt to get away after the man tried to unbuckle his own pants, the report states. Haynes was arrested on a charge of carjacking and booked into the Alachua County jail, where he remains awaiting a bond hearing.

Man crossing road injured after running into car

A middle-aged man is believed to have broken his wrist after running into the side of an almost-stationary car.

The driver of the small silver Daihatsu sedan was slowly moving in traffic along Grey St in Hamilton East, New Zealand, on Friday, when the pedestrian ran straight into the passenger side of his car.

Senior Sergeant Juliet Burgess, of the Waikato District Command Centre, said the man was crossing the road through stationary traffic when he bumped into the car at about 4.15pm.

"He bounced off the side of the car, onto the ground. He said that he just didn't see it and the vehicle was travelling very slowly at the time." Other road users stopped to help the man and someone called emergency services. Ambulances treated him on site. "All we know is that he was trying to cross the road to get to the other side." There were no reports of damage to the car.

Woman who hit Venezuelan president on the head with thrown mango rewarded with home

A Venezuelan woman has had her wish for a flat granted by President Nicolas Maduro after she made her point by hitting him on the head with a mango. Marleny Olivo threw the fruit at the president while he was driving a bus through the central state of Aragua. It had a message on it, in which she pleaded for his help.

Mr Maduro displayed the mango with her telephone number on it during a live television show afterwards. He said he had agreed to her request for a flat. The move, he said, was part of the "Great Housing Mission of Venezuela". Ms Olivo had written a message on a mango - "If you can, call me" - along with her name and phone number. She got as close to the bus as she could when it passed and then tossed the fruit at him.

The president lowered his head when he was hit just above the left ear, before calmly picking up the mango and showing it to the crowd. Later the president discussed the incident in one of his regular live TV broadcasts in which he displayed the mango. "She had a housing problem, right? And, Marleny, I have approved it already, as part of the Great Housing Mission of Venezuela, you will get an apartment and it will be given to you in the next few hours.

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"Tomorrow, no later than the day after tomorrow, we will give it to you." Ms Olivo said that there was "no evil intent" behind the incident only a desire to fulfil her dreaming of owning a home before she dies. The president, who is a former bus driver and likes to connect with ordinary Venezuelans by touring local communities at the wheel of a coach, added that the fruit was ripe and that he would eat it later.

Comedy penis crusader gets potholes filled in

A mystery "road artist" has been drawing pictures of penises around potholes in Bury, Greater Manchester, as a way to get the council to fix them. "They [potholes] don't get filled. They'll be there for months," says the artist who goes by the name of Wanksy. "People will drive over the same pothole and forget about it. Suddenly you draw something amusing around it, everyone sees it and it either gets reported or fixed." He says his drawings have meant the potholes get fixed more quickly, although Bury Council says they already have a plan in place to deal with the issue.

A spokesman for the council has describes Wanksy's artwork as "obscene" and urges him to stop his painting. "The actions of this individual are not only stupid but incredibly insulting to local residents," the Bury Council spokesman says. "Has this person, for just one second, considered how families with young children must feel when they are confronted with these obscene symbols as they walk to school?" But Wanksy says: "It's not an actual photograph of an anatomical part, it's a drawing, it's artwork. The naked body is a thing artists have painted for years. There are sculptures that don't wear clothes. It's artistic expressions.

"To be offended by that, you must be very prudish." The council spokesman says: ""Not only is this vandalism, but it's also counter-productive. Every penny that we have to spend cleaning off this graffiti is a penny less that we have to spend on actually repairing the potholes! People are entitled to express their grievances to the council, but offending the public and wasting their council tax is not the way to resolve the situation. We understand and accept that residents are unhappy with the number of potholes in the borough, and we have a programme of scheduled works to fix them.

"We have also invested substantially in new machinery which is enabling us to carry out repairs more rapidly. Painting obscenities around potholes will not get them repaired any quicker, but simply waste valuable time and resources. We urge the perpetrator to stop defacing the roads immediately, and ask anyone who sees this sort of criminal damage being carried out to report it to the police and the council." Wanksy says he has considered the legal implications of his drawings and says he makes them with paint used by professionals when they are temporarily marking the road. "It does eventually wash off. It's not graffiti spray paint. It's gone within a week or two. It's a step up from chalk."


The Halesowen News, who recently published a story about Twig Fields and her newly-opened vintage clothing store The Walk-In Wardrobe in Cradley Heath, would like to make clear that Ms Fields is, in fact, a collector maniac.