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Dog joyfully digs for victory

I'm quite confident that this isn't the original upload of this video, but I can't find it.

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Driver charged in fatal hit-and-run incident said he doesn't have a licence because he's blind

A man who police say fatally struck a 13-year-old girl with his vehicle in Michigan last month told police he didn't have a licence because he is legally blind.

Hector Arroyo, 68, called police to report that he thought he struck a deer at around 7:25am on Oct. 28, while he was driving. Arroyo told Det. James Maltby, of the Eaton County Sheriff's Office he didn't stop because he didn't have a licence.

He says that the Secretary of State had suspended it because he's "basically legally blind." Maltby added that the time frame and location matched up with the crash that killed Waverly High School ninth-grader Helina Dirba, 13, who was crossing near Meryl S. Colt Elementary School.

She died at a local hospital several days later. Arroyo is charged with involuntary homicide-manslaughter with a vehicle, driving while licence suspended causing death and failure to stop at the scene of a crash causing injury or death. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Dec. 10 in Eaton County District Court. Arroyo faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

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Lonely classroom lizard in need of some loving

Larry the central bearded dragon is having a serious case of mating season blues. Luckily Larry is the classroom pet in Ms Rita Roger’s Year 3 class at Parap Primary School in Australia's Northern Territory, where the students have taken on the roles of mini-matchmakers.

Brodie Miller, 8, and Abbey George, 9, said they realised Larry was lamenting the lack of lady lizards after lumps appeared on his hind legs. Their classmate Cloudie Callow got her mother, veterinarian Sue Callow, to check Larry’s lumps. “Cloudie’s mum said the lumps weren’t infected, they actually let off smells that attract a girlfriend but to us they would smell disgusting,” ­Brodie said.

Once the students realised Larry was trying to attract a girlfriend with his pheromones, they decided they should help. The students made up posters about Larry’s search for love with slogans such as ‘I like dem hot from the desert’ and ‘all I want for Christmas is a girlfriend’. And they are appealing for help to find Larry a lady love. Abbey said the class had decided Larry needed a friendly, good-looking girlfriend who was a five-year-old central bearded dragon like him.

How the NT News promoted their front-page story.

Brodie said the lizard deserved a “good” girlfriend because he was handsome and would happily share his mealworms and grasshoppers. “Larry can be shy but sometimes he does yoga – he stands against the glass (on his hind legs) and stretches,” Brodie said. And the whole class are keen for some baby bearded dragons. “We want 22 because we have 22 students in our class and everyone wants a baby,” Abbey said.

Fishermen surprised to catch wombat in lake hundreds of metres from shore

A pair of fishermen have rescued a wombat they found swimming more than 250 metres offshore at a lake in central Tasmania, Australia.

Bob Wilton and his stepson Craig Wilson were looking for a sheltered place to drop a hook when they noticed something in the water. "It was fairly windy and fairly choppy out on the water and we were just looking for a place along the foreshore to get out of the wind," Mr Wilton said.

"As we were moving I noticed what looked like a platypus from a distance in the lake. As I got closer I thought it looked like a rat and when I got closer it was a wombat. I reckon he was about 250 to 300 yards offshore." Mr Wilton said his stepson used a net to rescue the struggling marsupial in Woods Lake in Tasmania's central highlands.

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"He was pretty well distressed," he said. "He was struggling and that and I said to Craig, 'I think we better help this poor guy out'. I picked him up by the fur and lifted him up into the boat and he just sort of sat on the floor. I think he was glad to get his feet on the floor of the boat." Mr Wilton said he had no idea how the wombat ended up so far from the shore but he did not appear to be injured.

Labradoodle rescued after falling down well

A dog has been rescued after falling down a well - where she spent all night. There had been an overnight search for four-year-old labradoodle Lily, who went missing on Saturday afternoon.

Lily had gone missing while being walked in woods in Eastleigh, Hampshire, sparking a hunt that carried on into the early hours. As the search resumed on Sunday morning, a whimpering was heard coming from a brick-lined well the woods. Lily was spotted two metres (six foot) down the well and a Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service animal rescue specialist was called.

An extendable pole was lowered down to the desperate dog and a noose carefully looped around her shoulders, before she was pulled to the surface and reunited with her grateful owners just after 10am. Animal rescue specialist Anton Phillips said: "Lily is one lucky dog as she landed on a log around two metres down, when the well is likely to have been a lot deeper than that.

"The extendable tools we now have thankfully meant I could get her out relatively easily on my own. But there is a lot of emotion involved in rescues like this for the owners, often as much as any house fire. It's important they call specialists like us to deal with them, rather than try to carry out the rescue themselves and create an even bigger problem."

Little piggy spotted on the loose in town centre

Residents of Dudley in the West Midlands were bemused as they spotted a little pig taking a casual stroll around the town. The black pig was seen wandering near Dudley Council House at around 9.30am on Monday.

Passers-by looked on as walked across the road, grazed on a grass verge and continued to trot amongst leaves near to the Priory ruins. The pig eventually made its way through a fence and was not seen after.

Tim Sturgess said he spotted the pig while driving through the town and was surprised to see it calmly crossing the road. He added: "I've got no idea where it came from but it didn't seem to be panicking." A marketing assistant from Dudley Zoo said they had received a call on Friday night when a member of the public feared that it may be one of theirs that had gone missing.

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"We had a phone call from a worried passer-by who thought it was one of ours on the loose," she said. "But ours are a different breed and were all safe and secure so it wasn't one of them," she added. Black pigs are one of the rarer breeds. They are long and deep-bodied and well known for their hardiness and suitability for extensive farming. It is the only pig breed in Britain to be all black, and this helps protect the pig from sunburn in sunny weather.

Police hunt men wearing panda onesies who carried out armed robbery

McColl’s newsagents in Louth, Lincolnshire, was targeted by armed robbers on Sunday evening by two offenders who were wearing panda onesies at the time.

The robbery occurred at around 7.30pm, and it is believed that two men were involved. The men entered the shop with what appeared to be a handgun and forced a female member of staff to remove cash from the safe.

They left the scene on foot with some cash, and the member of staff was unhurt but shaken by the incident. Lincolnshire Police are now in the process of examining CCTV footage from the scene.

Police are also keen to trace the onesies, and are asking that local residents check their bins and areas surrounding their property to see if any such clothing has been discarded. If you have any information contact Lincolnshire Police.

Wind causes skyscraper to emit a banshee wail

A spooky howl can be heard bellowing out across Manchester city centre when it's windy.

The mysterious sound is caused by the 169-metre high, 47-storey, Beetham Tower.

In 2012, architect Ian Simpson, who lives in an apartment at the top of the tower, publicly apologised.

Video filmed on Sunday afternoon.

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On several occasions, engineers have scaled the tower on Deansgate, which cost £150 million to build, to try and carry out repairs and modifications to reduce the din generated by its glass blade.

Council apologise for spelling street name three different ways on four signs

South Hams District Council have managed to spell Whiteley Avenue in Totnes, Devon, three different ways on four signs - all in the space of a few yards.

The two signs at the entrance to the road have renamed the street Whitley Avenue, while another sign just five yards away has its own version of Whitely Avenue. The only correct sign is another 30 yards up the road where the road is rightly named Whiteley Avenue.

Brian Kelly, who lives in the road, has been trying to get the district council to correct the signs for the last nine months. Now he has finally been told the signs are on a list for being replaced. He said: “The old wooden signs rotted away and the council put up replacements about a year ago, with the spelling mistakes.

“It’s bizarre. You’d think the council would just be able to copy the old signs, but instead they came up with not one but two different spellings. They told me they will be correcting the mistake, but have to wait to buy a batch of new signs, because it’s cheaper.” A spokesman for South Hams District Council said: “We apologise to the residents of Whiteley Avenue for this error and we are ordering new signs to rectify this problem.”

Monday, November 30, 2015


Parrot admires self in mirror

Phoenix the Caique can't decide on his best side.

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Man standing behind target at shooting range shot

A 62-year-old man was injured after being accidentally shot at a shooting range on Friday in St. Johns County, Florida, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said Aaron Acklan, of Darien, Georgia, was shot in the leg and stomach while behind a target at the Ancient City Shooting Range. It happened shortly before noon. Acklan was treated at the scene by St. Johns County Fire Rescue personnel and then flown to UF Health Jacksonville. He is listed in stable condition.

Deputies said the investigation revealed that Acklan and his brother-in-law, James Duffy, 71, of Tampa, were at the range while visiting with family members in the area. At the time, Duffy believed that Acklan was in the restroom and began to shoot his rifle at the nearest target (25 yards) in the 100 yard stall, deputies said.

It is believed that three shots struck Acklan, who was standing behind the 100-yard target and he fell to the ground. Gun range staff provided medical treatment until paramedics arrived. Based on witness statements and physical evidence at the scene detectives, believe that the shooting was accidental at this time, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office. Business at the range continued after the shooting.

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Suspected burglar stuck in home’s chimney died after residents lit fire

A burglary suspect died on Saturday after getting stuck in a chimney at a home near Huron, California. First responders were called to the scene at around 3pm. It took thirty minutes to make a hole in the chimney big enough to get a suspected burglar out.

"Brick by brick," Joshua Rickert with Cal Fire said. "We used sledgehammers." Authorities say a man who appears to be in his 20s went into to the small space through the top, feet first. "The homeowner noticed his stuff had been rummaged through," said Sgt. Jake Jensen with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office.

"We think the burglar got in there late on Friday night." But it wasn't until Saturday afternoon that the homeowner realised someone was trapped in between the brick and clay. "He had started to light a fire and heard someone yelling for help," Jensen said.

By the time first responders arrived smoke had filled the house. Deputies said the suspect was responding at first, but by the time they got him out it was too late. "You can't get through a chimney," Jensen said. Investigators are still trying to determine if he died from smoke inhalation, burns or other injuries.

With news video that has subtitles which are seemingly impossible to turn off.

Firefighters rescued boy stuck 50-feet up tree

A little boy had to be rescued after he was stuck near the top of a large tree in Duplin County, North Carolina, on Saturday afternoon.

Faison Fire and Rescue crews responded to the scene and were able to help the boy down at around 4pm. Crews say the 6-year-old was stuck about 50-feet in the air for over an hour.

Assistant Chief Brian Kelly says when firefighters asked him why he climbed that far up in the tree, he said he just felt like climbing. The boy was safely reunited with his family.

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“Proud of our crew who responded to this call this afternoon. Not your everyday call,” said Faison Fire Chief Rodney Lambert. “Makes my job as Chief easy to have a group who can handle anything.”

Dog missing for over a year rescued from storm drain

Cookie, a dog first who was reported missing more than a year ago and was rescued from a storm drain on Friday in Bethesda, Maryland, has returned home to his family. It took Montgomery Co. Fire & Rescue and Police Animal Services about three hours to get Cookie out of the drain pipe.

Authorities later learned the dog is a Wheaton Terrier named Cookie, who was reported missing from Kensington in October 2014. How Cookie ended up in a pipe in Bethesda remains a mystery. According to a shift manager at Montgomery County Animal Rescue Services, Cookie apparently had a food source. The dog was not malnourished when he was rescued.

Early on Friday afternoon New York City resident Nick An, who was visiting relatives in Bethesda, says he was walking his relatives' great dane when the dog suddenly pulled him towards a storm drain. "I went over and I just saw a dog in there," An said. [It was] pretty beat-up looking." An called police, and soon after animal services and the fire department spent three hours rescuing Cookie. They say the dog was scared and refused to come out even when they tried to lure him with food.

Finally, firefighters duct taped a large ball of towels to a fire hose. They then slowly pushed the hose into the pipe on one side of the street, forcing Cookie to come out the other side - where officers were waiting with a net. Neighbours applauded the rescuers moments after they successfully got Cookie out of the pipe. The dog was then taken away in an animal services van to be treated. Although he was dirty and had some marks on him, overall Cookie appeared to be in good health. Later on Friday night the fire department said the dog's owner had been located.

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Bad Santa hunted following theft of helicopter

Police in Brazil are hunting for a Santa Claus who stole a helicopter.

The thief rented the aircraft late on Friday from an air taxi service at the Campo Marte airport in Sao Paulo for a "surprise," the state security secretariat said.

During the flight, the Santa forced the pilot to fly to a small farm outside of Sao Paulo city, where they were met by a third person, the secretariat said.

The pilot was tied up and the two perpetrators flew away. After several hours, the pilot managed to escape and alert police. There has been no sign of the helicopter, a Robinson model 44, authorities said.

There's a news video in Portuguese here.

Paella thieves led police to their home with trail of rice, seafood and chicken

Three supermarket thieves in France were caught after they left a trail of rice, seafood and chicken from their stolen paella that led police to their home.

They had grabbed an eight kilo dish of paella worth €150 (£105, $155) from a store in Nantes before running out into the street at about 8.30pm on Thursday.

Police were called in and searched the neighbourhood for the shoplifters. During their patrol the officers came across rice, seafood and pieces of chicken outside an apartment building. They followed the trail inside to one of the flats.

Once inside they discovered the three intoxicated men, enjoying their purloined dinner. The thieves had little choice but to admit their guilt. The store are pressing charges and the investigation is ongoing.

Piles of rubbish dumped right next to sign threatening fly-tippers with a £50,000 fine

Piles of rubbish have been dumped on one of Wales’ beautiful tourist attractions, right next to a sign threatening fly-tippers with a £50,000 fine.

David-John Newman, who lives near Outfall Lane in St Brides, Newport, says the land adjacent to the Welsh Coast Path has had fly-tipping problems for more than 20 years. Mounds of dumped rubbish lie right next to the warning sign, produced by Fly-Tipping Action Wales.

Mr Newman said: “I live right next to the land, and this has been happening for about 20 years.” He added: “People go there to see the coastal path. But instead of seeing the natural beauty of Wales all people see is a pile of rubbish. I’ve spoken to sea fisherman and local farmers and we are all sick of it.”

A spokeswoman for Natural Resources Wales said that although it had developed the coastal path in partnership with the Welsh Government, fly-tipping issues on the land in question is the responsibility of Newport council. However, Newport council say the land is not adopted by the local authority – but did condemn the fly-tippers.

Mystery of woman's disappearing wheelie bin solved

An elderly resident of St Thomas in Exeter, Devon, who was left flabbergasted when she put her large wheelie bin out for collection only for it never to return, has had the mystery solved.

Exeter City Council have confirmed that they accidently took the bin after believing the pensioner had put two bins out for collection. However, similar to other incidents that have occurred in area, the mistake saw a smaller sized wheelie bin returned. The woman, who wished to remain unnamed, said: "I put my bin out for collection last month and before bin men had even come it had gone.

"I couldn't believe it. When I reported it to the Council I was given a little bin back. It's annoying because we used to really fill the other one." The Council have confirmed that when issuing replacement bins, size of household is now taken into consideration. A spokesperson said: "Back in October, one of our crews mistakenly believed that the woman in question had presented two bins for collection,.

"This led to one bin being collected from her address. When she contacted us and explained the situation, we apologised for our error and arranged for a replacement bin to be delivered. The bin delivered was the appropriate size for the number of people in her household. This was a genuine error made by the crew, and we have since tightened up our procedures to reduce the likelihood of such mistakes happening."